From lovely lily of the valley to imposing boxwood hedges. From modest Biedemeier bouquets to high palm trees.

The Nova Nature range is as extensive as it is diverse. Created with care by our purchasers; passionate florists with an impeccable sense for ambiance and trends.

Are you looking for plants and flowers to place outside? A real touch, for an even more natural experience? Do you, or does one of you large customers, have specific design needs? Whatever you want, whatever your customer wants, Nova Nature can deliver.

Our Collection







Troughout the year

Nova Nature captures the imagination of your private and business customers the whole year round. Flowers and plants to bring ambiance to you home or wedding. Impressive bouquets on a welcoming reception desk. Eye-catchers in a shop window. Stylish decoration of a restaurant, beautiful natural elements that brighten up any season

Plants & Trees

Trees and large plants have their own showroom at Nova Nature. You can experience the unique possibilities of this part of the range here. To quickly fill a large space with a lot of greeneries. For natural – and maintenance free! – decorations of a patio. At places with little light. Or in showrooms and events. Nova Nature has it all!


Each season has its own character. Nova Nature presents its newest ranges inspired by the season and based on the current trends, in its seasonal showroom. Tulips, daffodils, and crocuses as heralds of spring. Hydrangea, oak leaves and berry twigs for a moody autumn. Pine green and icy or snowy branches, beautifully combined with LED lighting. Nova Nature turns any season into a wonderful time!