About Nova Nature

Welcome at Nova Nature


Nova Nature is a leading and trendsetting supplier of silk flowers, plants and trees.

We deliver to wholesalers, large customers and retail chains in around 35 countries from our warehouse in Uden, the Netherlands.

Always ensuring a high level of exclusiveness.


We work with a relatively small team (supplemented with local agents). Our lines are short, and you will always be in touch with someone who actually knows your company. Someone who can provide tailored advice and ideas on how you can optimize your sales results. We offer you the opportunity to use a personal design, or to sell your products under your own label.


Because many of our items are designed in the Netherlands, we can guarantee exclusivity with excellent quality at surprisingly good prices.

This ensures an attractive margin. Our products are created with care and attention, often by small family businesses that have been preforming the craft for generations. Flawlessly in line with our, or your, ideas, design, and high quality requirements.


Nova Nature does not only guarantee quality, but also continuity. Our warehouse is more than 6000 square meters, with means we can have almost our entire range in stock and we can deliver urgent orders rapidly.

We know you do not want to disappoint your customers in case of unforeseen major orders or overwhelming surge during the season.